Why should I join GRAFCO?

Joining GRAFCO is an outstanding opportunity to build savings, earn interest on your savings, have access to training and capacity building (e.g. how to market your products more effectively), business networking, and mentoring through cell groups and other avenues.

How soon do I qualify for GRAFCO services?

A member qualifies to benefit from our services three months after registration and savings.

How does GRAFCO compare to other products of competitors, or benefits
compared to other SACCOs?

GRAFCO SACCO invests in research regarding other competitor's operations and ensure that we are up-to-date with the current financial trends so as to be able to review all our products as well as come up with other new products.

How do I leave the SACCO if that time comes?

If a member wants to discontinue with the SACCO operations for any reason, they must notify us in writing and give us a notice of between 60-90 days from when they will come and collect their refund cheque.

Is there insurance?

Yes, there is in-house insurance.

What are the loan amounts and time frame of loans?

All loans below 100,000 kshs are payable in a maximum period of 12 months. For a specific loan's amounts and time frames, visit the individual page providing information about that loan.

What makes GRAFCO SACCO a safe place for my investment, trust and confidence?

All loan applications pass through our able credit committee for approval. They meet twice a month: mid-month and at the end of each month.

How do I join?

Visit or call any of GRAFCO’s offices to register and start saving!