Agricultural Programme


GRAFCO offices are located in the highlands of central Kenya among a largely farming community. Naturally, 80% of GRAFCO’s members are small holder farmers involved in poultry, dairy, or vegetable farming.  This has necessitated GRAFCO to go deeper in developing an agricultural programme that wholly meets the needs of these members.

The goal of the programme is to help   members to practice farming profitably, resulting in increased incomes to sustain member's families, build member's communities and create employment through the farm proceeds. GRAFCO's agricultural programme also addresses some of the factors causing farmers to fail which include, but are not limited to: inefficient farming methods, poor market prices for the produce, costly farm inputs and extension services, need of business management skills, or limited access to affordable funds.

The programme follows the value chain linked financing which include:

  1. Training and mentorship
  2. Access to good markets
  3. Access to affordable credit
  4. Access to quality and affordable value addition services, inputs, suppliers etc
  5. Advocacy, advice and support

It currently touches on three categories of farming:

  1. Dairy farming
  2. Poultry farming ( Layers and broilers)
  3. Green house / Organic farming


For more information on how to join and benefit from this programme, visit any Grafco’s office near you.